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Yordan Parushev receives the Award for painting by the Ministry of Culture”, Darik News, 17.05.2011;

Illuminated pathways or the road we travel”, ‘Duma’ daily, 03.02.2011;

Yordan Parushev will present an exhibition by Bulgarian painters in Brussels”, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, 15.05.2008;

Sofia falls under the spell of Parushev’s collages”, (by Lydmila Purvanova) in “Standard” daily, 21.05.2008;

Seeing the invisible or the art exhibition as a psychology test”, (by Milena Boykova Terziyska” in “Novinar” daily, 01.07.2008;

Messages of the senses”, (by Adelina Fileva) in “Kultura” weekly, 27.06.2008;

Big exhibition of Bulgarian artwork travels around Europe”, (by Prof. Bozhidar Boyadzhiev” in “Kultura” weekly, 20.04.2007;

Bulgarian culture will be presented in Baden-Austria”, Focus Information Agency, 06.04.2007”

Yordan Parushev at the “Chapel” of the National Art Gallery”, (by Diana Draganova), “Kultura” weekly, 18.04.2006;

The Triennial in New Delhi bets on tradition”, “Lik” magazine, 4/2005”;

Through the depths of painting – Conversions – exhibition by Yordan Parushev at Circle+ Gallery” (by Stanislav Pamukchiev” in “Kultura” weekly, 18.02.2005;

A cultural oasis in the heart of the capital, Circle+ Gallery” (by Ekaterina Pavlova) in “Diplomatic Review” magazine, 02.2005;

Versions of contemporary painting, exhibition Social/Poetic Reality, (by Svilen Stefanov) in “Kultura” weekly, 21.05.2004;

Donors of the 21st century – donations at the Sofia City Art Gallery reveal history”, (by Diana Popova” in “Kapital” daily, 08.2004;

The strong wind of Sliven”, (by Maria Landova” in “Kapital” daily, 29.03.2003;

Painters-pictorial art. The exhibition 10x5x3, National Art Center for Contemporary Art, 6, Shipka street, Sofia”, (by Diana Popova) in “Kultura” weekly, 03.10.2003;

In praise of the colorless – the exhibition Achroma, National Art Center for Contemporary Art, 6, Shipka street, Sofia”, ( by Svetla Petkova) in “Kultura” weekly, 07.06.2002;

A Paris art salon receives Bulgarian painters”, (by Luciena Krumova” in “Standard” daily, 09.04.2001;

Torn up color”, (by Maria Landova) in “Kapital” daily, 24.11.2001;

Yordan Parushev and his journey through the world of collage”, (by Ruen Ruenov) in “Demokratia” daily, 11.2001;

Collage as an experiment – Yordan Parushev returned from the renowned Cité internationale des arts in Paris”, (by Margarita Yordanova) in “Republika” daily, 15.11.2001;

How to make a Noah’s Ark out of napkins”, (by Elena Krusteva) in “Monitor” daily, 06.12.2001;

Adventures with paper and color”, the National Art Center for Contemporary Art, 6, Shipka street presents a meaningful exhibition”, (by Ruen Ruenov) in “Demokratia” daily, 01.02.2000;

Plovdiv – European capital of collage”, (by Ilina Koralova) in “Kapital” daily, 22.04.2000;

The painter as a man of his time”, 30th anniversary of the Autumn Salon of Arts in the old town of Plovdiv, (by Svetla Moskova) in “Kultura” weekly, 22.10.1999;

Exhibition, The Road”, (by Dobrinka Ivanova) in “Open Society Foundation bulletin”, 22.02.1998;

Konstantin Denev-sculpture, Yordan Parushev – painting. January 1997, Rayko Alexiev Gallery”, (by Stanislav Pamukchiev) in “Art” magazine 41/1997;

The painter Yordan Parushev says, ‘I keep on painting, which means that I am protesting’”, (by Kiril Popov) in “Demokratia” daily, 22.01.1997;

The exhibition of Yordan Parushev-painting and Konstantin Denev-sculpture”, (by Ilina Kolarova” in “Kultura” weekly, 31.01.1997;

The Road – conceptual…figurative…abstract”, (by Alexander Doychinov) in “6+”newspaper, 08.03.1996;

The recipient of the Sirak Skitnik award is Yordan Parushev”, (by Annie Nencheva) in “Open Society Foundation bulletin”, issue 163;

Plastic forms of light and pain”, (by Kiril Popov) in “Vek” newspaper, 20.05.1995;

Yordan Parushev: ‘In the next Noah’s Ark there may be place only for art’”, (by Kiril Popov), an interview for “Literaturen vestnik” weekly,

Directions of nostalgia in Sofia”, (by Dimitar Grozdanov) in “Kultura” weekly, 17.11.1995;

Yordan Parushev presents his exhibition inspired by motifs in Castaneda’s works”, (by Petko Petkov) in “Novinar” daily, 18.01.1994;

Roaming on the steps of “Shipka 6”, (by Elena Popova) in “Kultura” weekly, 09.12.1994;

Summer Theater University Sliven’93, Kick exhibition”, (by Dolores Bogomilova) in “Vek” newspaper, 27.07.1993;

The two dimensions of laughter”, (by Dimitar Grozdanov” in “Narodna Kultura” weekly, 16.06.1989;

A play on the road – a happening in Turgovishte”, (by Diana Popova) in “Narodna Kultura” weekly, 04.08.1989;

The unexpected quests of the painter from Sliven – Yordan Parushev”, (by Vesela Hristova Radoeva in “Puls” newspaper, 29.03.1988;

Personal truths and the common road – regional exhibition of painters from Sliven”, (by Rumen Serafimov” in “Slivensko delo” daily, 27.03.1986;

Art life outside of the capital”, (by Boris Klementiev and Dimitar Grozdanov) in “Art” magazine, 4/1986;

On the symbolism of war in the general art exhibition Painters and peace”, (by Plamena Dimitrova Racheva) in “Art” magazine, 1/1985;

Proofs of creative maturity – an exhibition by painters from Sliven”, (by Maximilian Kirov) in “Slivensko delo” daily, 04.05.1985;

And social importance – the Bulgarian participation the 3rd biennial of graphic art in Varna”, (by Dimitar Grozdanov) in “Narodna Kultura” weekly, 26.07.1985;

Talent, penchant and traditions – 7th National Youth Exhibition”, (by prof. Atanas Bozhkov) in “Otechestven front” daily, 1985;

Confidence. Regarding the regional art exhibition”, (by Encho Mutafov) in “Slivensko delo” daily, 26.01.1984.